Hello, I'm Daniel Andor.

I help startups solve business problems by designing effective digital solutions.


Let's get to know each other.

I'm a Product (UX) Designer, Strategist, and founder of Durran. I help startups create meaningful digital products, solve real business challenges, and innovate faster.
I have worked with companies ranging from early-stage startups to massive consumer bases as well as enterprise businesses, across domains such as Technology, Healthcare, Publishing, Education, and Professional Services.
My expertise consists of - but is not limited to - creating new digital products, innovating through the addition of new features or improving existing solutions, and serving as a consultant for every aspect of the product design ecosystem.


How I can help you.

Product Design

We’ll be working together on defining the look and feel of your digital product in order to provide the best experience possible for your customers. During this time, we’ll be talking about: Product Strategy, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Design Systems, UI Design, UX Design, Research.

Design Sprint Facilitation or Workshop

Design Sprints can help you ideate, prototype, test and validate your idea in just 4 days, so you can make sure that you build the right product, without wasting time and money.


There are times when you don’t really know if you need to redesign, develop a new feature, or just to polish something that you already have in place. In these cases, what you probably need is just a fresh pair of eyes and maybe a professional opinion about what to do next.


Take a look at some of my work.



[ $1.000.000 in fundings 🔥 ]

So far, MEDIjobs has been the only Romanian start-up I’ve worked with since I started freelancing. Their platform tries to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and clinics or hospitals that are searching for new staff.

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Ooma – Mobile store

Ooma – Mobile store

[ $138.7M in estimated revenue annually 💰 ]

Ooma creates new communications experiences for small businesses and consumers. I worked with Ooma to create a mobile store for their products, starting from the desktop website that they currently have.

Coming soon

Effective Experiments

Effective Experiments is an all-in-one project management & workflow platform for growth optimisation teams. The scope of my work there was, firstly, to find the easy fixes that would improve the platform and secondly to redesign it.

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Doky’s email client

[ $5.800.000 in fundings 💥 ]

Doky was the first major project I worked on after I decided to switch to a full-time Freelance Product Designer career. Their aim is to provide powerful, pre-configured workspaces in the cloud that aid individual and team productivity, communication and collaboration.

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[ Bringing solutions to the Fortune 1000 🏢 ]

Cognetik is a business analytics & data visualization company. They help their clients to make faster decisions and improve their digital experience by using data. My task was to redesign their existing platform and improve what they had at the moment so that the whole dashboard creation process would be easier and faster.

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Thoughts from people I worked with.

Andra Baragan

Founder and CRO Manager @ Ontrack Digital

Dani took our idea and brought it to the next level. He delivered excellent quality work and was a real pleasure to work with. Dani is creative, highly attentive to details, super-organized with his work and did a great job of delivering everything in the agreed timeline. We now have a design system in place that is coherent and modern and we couldn’t have done it without him.

Catrinel Hagivreta

CEO & Co-Founder @ MEDIjobs Romania

Working with Dani was really great. As a startup founder it feels so good when you meet & get the chance to work with passionate, professional people because they really add value to the business in no time. He provided us with great work in short time even though we’ve never met in person. He is creative and efficient. I’d definitely love to work with him again in the future.

Raul Popa

CEO & Co-Founder @ TypingDNA

Daniel is hard working, detail oriented and up to date in UX/UI. His work is something users can’t ignore. When user satisfaction is important, when you’re dealing with millions of users you want to make sure you constantly improve product and UX. Daniel is very logical, highly intellectual with impressive intuition about how users use the products, and he is among the top #3 of the best product people I worked with.

Marisa Sires

Head Of Customer Experience (Product & Services) @ Rally (Rally Bus Corp)

Dani was really great to work with. He worked speedily and provided the value I was looking for. He gave constructive feedback on existing designs and also incorporated my feedback effectively and efficiently. I’d love to work with him again in the future.

Matiss Berzins

CTO, Co-Founder @ Fulfilli

Daniel helped us improve usability for existing functionality as well as add new features. He came up with good solutions for UX problems and tried to use existing analytics data as much as possible. I can definitely recommend Daniel for UX/UI design work.