Effective Experiments

Effective Experiments is an all-in-one project management & workflow platform for growth optimisation teams. The scope of my work there was, firstly, to find the easy fixes that would improve the platform and secondly to redesign it.

My contribution

At Effective Experiments I worked as a part-time product designer, being in touch with the CEO and the lead developer on a daily basis.

The process

When I started to work on the platform, we tried to find some easy wins, that won’t need too much time, and can be easily fixed, while impact the user experience in a positive way (button positions, behaviours of different elements).
Beside that, I had to redesign the platform. For this, I started out by getting informations from the CEO & founder of the company, so I would have a better understanding about what are the current problems that we want to fix and where the users find the platform difficult to use. After that, I’ve done some research for various dashboards and made some wireframes, that could serve as a starting point. The whole design process consisted on multiple designs and refinements based on feedback from the CEO and some of the users.

Next project

I have other projects too.

Doky’s email client

[ $5.800.000 in fundings 💥 ]

Doky was the first major project I worked on after I decided to switch to a full-time Freelance Product Designer career. Their aim is to provide powerful, pre-configured workspaces in the cloud that aid individual and team productivity, communication and collaboration.

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