FlipSnack – Content editor

The idea behind FlipSnack’s content editor was both to create a tool that helps users create or improve their own flipbooks by adding buttons, images, videos and even a PayPal widget (before that, FlipSnack let you just upload PDF and turn it into a flipbook), but also to stay ahead of the competition.

My contribution

My tasks ranged from researching functionality, wireframing, going through user feedback, designing the interface and keeping in touch with the developer team and the Product Manager.

The process

We started out with observing what our competitors were already doing in the business and how we could improve on that. At the beginning, I worked on an MVP which was launched to test our idea and, after that, we used the user feedback for improvements of the interface and its functionality.
The design process consisted on a couple of iterations - creating wireframes and discussing them with the Product Manager. After that, what was approved was further improved in the design and sent to development. In that point, I usually had to write the functional specifications that the developers and testers used later on.
A big part of the process was the research, that consisted mainly of going through multiple book and flipbook related apps and see what they have, how we can improve what they have and what should be translated into our app.
Beside the content editor, I worked on creating various landing pages too.
You can read more about the content editor ion this Medium blog post.

Next project

I have other projects too.

Doky’s email client

[ $5.800.000 in fundings 💥 ]

Doky was the first major project I worked on after I decided to switch to a full-time Freelance Product Designer career. Their aim is to provide powerful, pre-configured workspaces in the cloud that aid individual and team productivity, communication and collaboration.

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