Raul Popa

I had the pleasure to work with Daniel (mostly on UX/UI) for over 5 years on products with millions of users (SnackWebsites, BannerSnack) but also smaller ones like ElasticAd, TheAdStock. It would be unfair to give credit to anyone else in the teams for improving the conversion funnel to the last detail. Daniel is hard working, detail oriented and up to date in UX/UI. His work is something users can’t ignore.
When user satisfaction is important, when you’re dealing with millions of users you want to make sure you constantly improve product and UX. Daniel is very logical, highly intellectual with impressive intuition about how users use the products, and he is among the top #3 of the best product people I worked with.

Next project

I have other projects too.

Ooma – Mobile store

Ooma creates new communications experiences for small businesses and consumers. I worked with Ooma to create a mobile store for their products, starting from the desktop website that they currently have.

Coming soon